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Second seminar series on Good Practices on Debt Advice


Second seminar series on Good Practices on Debt Advice

21, 23, 28 Septembre 2021


Debt advisors play a crucial role in giving professional advice and finding the best solutions to help households get out of debt. Currently, there are only a fraction of the necessary qualified independent debt advisors available to support all the households in need. 

This second series of three online seminars is organised to exchange good practices in debt advice. These seminars, aimed at debt advisors, policy makers and other stakeholders concerned with household over-indebtedness, showcase concrete, proven and replicable examples that will further the development of debt advisors as well as debt advice in general across the EU. 

The online seminar series forms part of the project on “Provision of actions to extend the availability and improve the quality of debt-advice services for European households” (Specific Contract No. 20198601). This project was commissioned by the European Commission and its European Innovation Council and SME Executive Agency (EISMEA) and carried out by VVA and CEPS


  • Emotional advice for debtors: Kathy Wade, Money Advice Trust
  • Amicable debt settlement in France: Elodie Aguilar, Crésus
  • Debt advice by consumer organisation: Ana Passos, DECO
  • Accelerating debt settlement and debt repayment: Mirjam Zwennis-Deekman, Kredietbank Amsterdam
  • Amicable debt settlement in Ireland: Gwen Harris, Money Advice and Budgeting Service
  • Debt advice paid by financial sector: Pauline Dujardin, Crésus
  • Addressing new forms of debt: Dieter Korczak, GP Forschungsgruppe Studien / Sally Peters, IFF
  • Code of conduct debt advisors and debt collectors: Francesca Costabile, Forum Unirec and Asso-consum
  • Public debt advice helpline: Adrian O’Connor, Citizens Information Board

The seminar series will be opened by Commissioner Didier Reynders and concluded by Nils Behrndt, Director for Consumers at DG JUST.

Willem Pieter De Groen Willem Pieter De Groen
Willem Pieter De Groen

Associate Senior Research Fellow