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Rethinking the growth paradigm: Capitalism, inequality and climate change

Economic and monetary affairs,Energy, climate change and the environment


Rethinking the growth paradigm: Capitalism, inequality and climate change


Across centuries and civilizations, economic growth appears deeply intertwined with the human quest for well-being and happiness as well as progress. But economic growth is also clearly appearing as the engine driving climate change, pollution, and the shrinking of natural spaces. Do we need to give up on growth to save the environment?

In his recent book, Growth for Good, Alessio Terzi argues that we do not have to choose between misery and environmental destruction. Rather, enrolling capitalism in the fight against climate catastrophe would do the trick. Appropriate policies and engaged citizens can set in motion a global decarbonization wave and in parallel create good jobs and a greener, healthier world.

In this webinar, Alessio Terzi will present his views about how capitalism can be reshaped to contribute to a better world and engage in a conversation with Prof. Barry Eichengreen and Dr Daniel Gros to discuss the challenges that this solution presents.

Cinzia Alcidi Cinzia Alcidi
Cinzia Alcidi

Director of Research

Speakers list
Alessio Terzi

European Commission and SciencePo Lille, author of the book

Barry Eichengreen

University of California Berkley

Daniel Gros