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Regional Energy Policy Initiatives to achieve EU energy policy objectives

Energy, climate change and the environment

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Regional Energy Policy Initiatives to achieve EU energy policy objectives


This seminar explored the potential of regional approaches for European energy. It assessed whether regional approaches can hone the effectiveness of EU energy policy objectives through enhanced policy coordination at regional scale. Typically, this includes energy market integration while accounting for member states’ continuing deployment of national-level policy instruments regarding the appropriate energy mix and the security of energy supply, which is foreseen in the EU Treaty.  In a second step, it exploreed the potential of regional approaches to the governance of renewables as well as their potential contributions to an Energy Union. A particular focus was on South East European Regional Initiatives.


Issue Paper on Regional Energy Policy Initiatives  

Jacques de Jong & Christian Egenhofer on Exploring a Regional Approach to EU Energy Policies

Please, find below the presentations, delivered at the workshop:

Christian Egenhofer Christian Egenhofer
Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Claude Turmes

Member of the European Parliament for Luxembourg's Green Party

Luc Willems

Deputy Secretary General, Benelux

Benjamin Gallèpe

Director, MEDREG Secretariat

Julian Popov

Fellow, European Climate Foundation

Jacques de Jong

Senior Fellow, Clingendael International Energy Programme, The Hague