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Prudential Rules for Investment Firms


Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Prudential Rules for Investment Firms

How to tailor a targeted prudential framework?

All investment firms are currently subject to the prudential requirements designed for banks. The European Commission’s proposal for a prudential framework devoted exclusively to investment firms will alter this regime. In fact, with the exception of systemically important investment firms, which will remain under the same prudential rules as apply to banks, the smaller investment firms will be subject to less stringent requirements. The overarching objectives of the prudential framework are to ensure that the firms have sufficient funds to remain financially viable and avoid contagion to customers and the wider economy.
Two critical obstacles stand in the way of reaching these objectives effectively and efficiently  of this framework are the extent the rules will be tailored for the different types of investment firms and the distribution of supervisory powers. These and other obstacles and challenges for the prudential framework for investment firms will be tackled by policy-makers, industry representatives and other experts at this CEPS-ECMI conference, hosted by ABN AMRO Clearing in Amsterdam.
Participation in this event is free of charge.
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Karel Lannoo Karel Lannoo
Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer

Speakers list
Lieve Vanbockrijck

ABN AMRO Clearing

Mattias Levin

European Commission

Emmanuel de Fournoux


Paul van den Berg

De Nederlandsche Bank

Bart Joosen

VU University Amsterdam