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Prospects for Egypt after the presidential election

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Foreign Policy

The first round of Egypt’s presidential election will take place on 26-28th March. Preparations for the vote are underway, though there are concerns about the lack of credible competition to the incumbent, President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi. Seven years on from the January 2011 revolution,the country continues to grapple with major challenges in security and development, and with population growth and poverty rates at high levels, an ongoing insurgency in Northern Sinai, as well as wider conflicts and instability in the region, whoever wins will face a host of problems in the years ahead. Mohammed Anwar Sadat, one of Egypt’s most prominent civilian Politicians, President of the Reform and Development party and nephew of the late President Sadat, will give a briefing on the current situation in the country and prospects for the election and its aftermath.

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Mohammed Anwar Sadat

President of the Reform and Development party

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Foreign Policy

Prospects for Egypt after the presidential election

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Anne-Marie Boudou
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Participation in this event is exceptionally free of charge. A sandwich lunch will be served from 12.30 onwards.

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