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Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA

Place du Congrès, Brussels, Belgium

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Lunch Time Meeting

Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA


Why are some communities more likely to experience violent extremism than others? An answer to this question is essential for the formulation of effective preventive EU approaches to strengthening societal resilience. The panel will investigate cases of occurrence and non-occurrence of violent extremism in a comparative perspective by focusing on the Balkans and the broader MENA region.

This event constitutes the official launch of the NUPI-led and H2020-funded research project PREVEX – Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA: Strengthening Resilience in Enabling Environments (2020–2023).

The project will employ a bottom-up approach to local-global dynamics combined with an institutionalist analysis of the responses of the EU, its member states and third countries. A key innovative aspect of the project’s analytical approach is the emphasis on the non-occurrence of violent extremism in ‘enabling environments’. This allows PREVEX to proceed beyond the state-of-the-art through a specific, and effective, approach to not only why violent extremism occurs, but also why it does not occur.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870724.

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Steven Blockmans Steven Blockmans
Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

Speakers list
Morten Bøås

Principal Investigator and Research Professor, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)

Kari M. Osland

Senior Research Fellow and Head of Research Group on Peace, Conflict and Development, NUPI

Edina Becirevic

President and Co-founder, Atlantic Initiative

Djallil Lounnas

Assistant Professor, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane

Niagalé Bagayoko

Chair, African Security Sector Network

Stéphane Lacroix

Research Fellow, Centre for International Research, Foundation Nationale des Sciences Politiques ‘Science Po’

Andréas Hatzidiakos

SECDEFPOL 3 Division on Counter-terrorism, EEAS