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The European Green Deal after Corona Implications for EU climate policy
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Political and socio-economic development of Afghanistan post-2014

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Participation in this meeting is, exceptionally, free of charge. Seminar organised with the support of the US Mission to the EU.

The event will be preceded by a networking breakfast, from 8.45 onwards.

Years of conflict have damaged Afghanistan’s physical infrastructures as well as its economic, political and social fabrics. Afghanistan has nevertheless made progress thanks to global partnerships in development, with the US, the EU and its member states as major contributors of humanitarian and development assistance.  In the wake of the presidential elections and ahead of the drawdown of NATO/ISAF forces there is considerable uncertainty as to what the political and socio-economic environment will look like aftr the 2014 transition horizon.
Will the overall political and security situation prove resilient enough so that lessons learnt from past development cooperation can be applied? What does the recently adopted EU Strategy for Afghanistan 2014-16 hold? And are the American and European approaches aligned with the strategic thinking of the Afghan government? This special CEPS seminar will address these and many other questions. 

CEPS Event

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Political and socio-economic development of Afghanistan post-2014

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CEPS Conference Room
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Day 1 - Wednesday
Anne-Marie Boudou Anne-Marie Boudou
Anne-Marie Boudou
+32 (0)2 229 39 12
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