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CEPS Conference Room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

Participation in this event is exceptionally free of charge.

Project Meeting


Exploring the potential of technologies for conflict prevention and peacebuilding


EU-CIVCAP Peacebuilding Forum

How can technology, ICT and big data help reduce the likelihood of conflict and contribute to building sustainable peace? New technologies and big data can potentially make an important contribution in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, especially in the spheres of early warning and rapid response, imagery analysis, training and so forth. Similarly, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have a much broader utility in peace than might be presently assumed.

Just as businesses and non-governmental organisations alike are finding novel ways of collaborating in teams using software and communicating their messages using social media, so too are local-level peace actors, who use such technologies to collaborate with others, to project their message to otherwise unreachable audiences, and to productively contribute to debates in peacebuilding.

This event, a collaborative effort run by the two Horizon 2020 programmes EU-CIVCAP and, will address these themes the contribution of technologies to conflict prevention and peacebuilding for local and international actors alike.

Registration and coffee from 14.30 – Meeting from 15.00 to 17.00

Speakers list
Leila Demarest

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Research on Peace and Development, KU Leuven

Róisín Smith

Research Fellow, Edward M. Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention, Maynooth University

Cristian Barbieri

Junior Researcher, Security and Defense Programme, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)