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New Dynamics in the EU’s Relations with Asia: Security, Trade, and Connectivity

Foreign and security policy

CEPS & Online
Place du Congrès 1, Brussels, Belgium

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Hybrid Event

New Dynamics in the EU’s Relations with Asia: Security, Trade, and Connectivity


As spacious as it is, the Indo-Pacific macro-area is crowded with geopolitical and geoeconomic presence from every major power, as well as sustained engagement from the world’s largest militaries.

Whether on land or in the sea, tensions are rising in every area of international connectivity in Europe and Asia: from fragmented supply chains and trade networks to challenges in technological, political and security governance; not to mention climate disasters, relativist definitions of human rights and the first international war on European soil since World War II.

The recent geopolitical events and macroeconomic earthquakes in Europe, from the energy and food crises to the spectre of stagflation, have further underlined the urgency of reinforcing resilient connectivity links for the EU on friendly shores in the Indo-Pacific. The region hosts no less than two-thirds of global economic growth and nearly half the world’s population.

How can Europe’s changing trade and security ambitions find their rightful place in the Indo-Pacific, the gravity centre of China/U.S. rivalry? In a region where the EU is traditionally expected as a trade partner and a relatively neutral broker of development finance, is it capable of picking up both its pace and its image in the region to safeguard both values and interests?

This public workshop takes stock of recent trends in EU-Asia relations and showcases recent publications stemming from the EU-Asia Security and Trade (EAST) Jean Monnet-funded project as well as EUI’s own EU-Asia Project.

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Stefania Benaglia Stefania Benaglia
Stefania Benaglia

Head of the Global Connectivity Programme

Speakers list
Cinzia Alcidi

Director of Research, CEPS

Thomas Christiansen

Professor, LUISS School of Government

Giulio Pugliese

Senior Fellow (Asia-Pacific), IAI, Lecturer in Japanese Politics, University of Oxford and Part-time Professor on EU-Asia Studies, EUI

Maria Martin-Prat

Deputy Director-General, DG Trade, European Commission

Sven Biscop

Director, Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations

Emil Kirchner

Emeritus Professor, University of Essex

Eva Pejsova

Japan Chair, Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Serafijn Gentils

DPhil in Area Studies (China), University of Oxford

Johan Adriaensen

Assistant Professor and Researcher, Maastricht University

Clara Weinhardt

Maastricht University and GPPi

Ferdi De Ville

Ghent University

Soo Yeon Kim

National University of Singapore

Malorie Schaus

GRID Research Fellow, CEPS

Atsuko Higashino

Senior Lecturer, University of Tsukuba

Evgeny Postnikov

Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne

Amaia Sanchez-Cacicedo

European Union Institute for Security Studies