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Negotiating Religious Pluralism in Europe: Between the EU and the ECHR

Migration, asylum and borders

European Parliament, Strasbourg, France, Entrance Winston Churchill
Room N1.3
CEPS Event

Negotiating Religious Pluralism in Europe: Between the EU and the ECHR


This event seeks to shine a light on the role of the Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights in the evolving sphere of law and religion in Europe. It asks: What is – and what should be – the role of the Council of Europe in resolving questions of religious pluralism? To what extent do we see a mutual influence between European legal systems and courts – do they adhere to a common set of principles? And what are the potential implications of the EU’s accession to the ECHR in the domain of religion?

The meeting will bring together leading academics, Council of Europe policymakers and European judges and legal practitioners to clarify the complex legal and political framework governing questions of religious pluralism in Europe. It will provide a critical platform for the EU-funded RELIGARE research project (Religious Diversity and Secular Models in Europe: Innovative Approaches to Law and Policy) to exchange insights with leading experts and feed into the development of the RELIGARE project's final policy recommendations.

Simultaneous translation will be provided in French and English.

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