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Moratoria on loan repayments: status-quo and phase-out!


Moratoria on loan repayments: status-quo and phase-out!


The COVID-19 pandemic has held the world tightly in its grip for the past year. The crisis continues to have a profoundly negative impact on both our health and the economy. In particular, the pandemic and related lockdown measures have negatively affected the creditworthiness of many businesses and households.

In response, governments, authorities and businesses have implemented many measures to address the negative impacts of the pandemic. Among these measures are credit moratoria, intended to offer temporary relief to borrowers impacted by COVID-19. A total of 24 EU Member States enforced either a legislative or non-legislative moratoria during this period. With the roll out of vaccines and easing of lockdown measures, when is the right time to phase out these moratoria?

During this CEPS-ECRI webinar, key stakeholders will discuss the best approach to phasing out the moratoria. How important are the legislative and non-legislative moratoria? And how do we ensure the moratoria phase out does not drive vulnerable households and viable businesses into avoidable problems in the longer-term?

At the occasion of this webinar the results of a survey among 39 European credit reference agencies about the developments in their industry – including the response to Covid-19 – will be launched.


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Willem Pieter De Groen Willem Pieter De Groen
Willem Pieter De Groen

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Roberta De Filippis

Policy expert, European Banking Authority

Enrique Velázquez

Director General, ACCIS

Déborah Faure

Financial Services Officer, BEUC

Gerhard Huemer

Economic Policy Director, SMEUnited

Franco De Stefano

Head of Credit Risk Mitigation and Support, Intesa Sanpaolo