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Monitoring the Rule of Law in the European Union


Monitoring the Rule of Law in the European Union

WEBINAR with Commissioner Didier Reynders


This Webinar examines the current shapes and debates characterizing the EU rule of law toolbox, with particular focus on the role played by the European Commission’s 2020 Rule of Law Report. It addresses the latest EU policy developments and key initiatives put forward by the various European institutions and international organisations to safeguard and monitor Member States compliance with the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights. The Webinar explores the relevance and role of EU values monitoring for upholding mutual trust and sincere cooperation in European integration and Member States’ implementation of EU policies.

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Sergio Carrera Sergio Carrera
Sergio Carrera

Senior Research Fellow and Head of Justice and Home Affairs unit

Speakers list
Didier Reynders

Commissioner, European Commission

Juan Fernando López Aguilar

MEP and Chair of LIBE Committee, European Parliament

Birgit Van Hout

Regional Representative for Europe, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, OHCHR

Tineke Strik, MEP

European Parliament

Hanne Juncher

Head of Justice and Legal Co-operation Department, DG1- Human Rights and the RoL, Council of Europe