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Maximizing resource efficiency throughout the EU economy

Energy, climate change and the environment

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Maximizing resource efficiency throughout the EU economy


Resource efficiency has been identified by the EU Commission (2011) as one of the seven flagship initiatives that are part of the ‘’EU 2020 strategy aiming to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’’.

The NETGREEN Thematic Policy Workshop on ''Maximizing resource efficiency throughout the EU economy'' will focus on how Europe can boost resource efficiency through the use of effective policy instruments and appropriate indicators. The workshop will cover issues such as which are the major drivers and barriers to resource efficiency and what is the role of indicators in measuring progress towards more efficient use of material resources. The discussion will start with a presentation of the NETGREEN tool, demonstrating how it it supports policy makers in measuring progress towards resource efficiency. The event will feature a panel composed of experts from policy, research, academia and business. 

*On the same day in the context of the NETGREEN project CEPS has also organized a Thematic Policy Workshop on Eco-innovation and opportunities for the EU economy




Charles Seaford

Senior Advisor, New Economics Foundation

Speakers list
Barbara Bacigalupi

Policy Officer on resource efficiency and indicators, DG Environment, European Commission

Evi Ford-Alexandraki

Statistical Officer, Eurostat, European Commission

Loredana Ghinea

Executive Director, A.SPIRE – Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency

Janneke Van Veen

Coordinator Resource efficiency/Circular economy, Government of Flanders

Stephan Lutter

Research Fellow, Institute for Ecological Economics - Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

Arno Behrens

Head of Energy and Research Fellow, CEPS

Carsten Wachholz

Resources use and Product Policy Officer, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

Wanda Gaj

Project Officer, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

Lucas Porsch

Senior Fellow, Ecologic Institute