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Lobbying and political influence in the European Union

CEPS Conference Room
1, Place du Congrès - 1000 Brussels
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Lobbying and political influence in the European Union


A workshop to present the results of the InterEuro project.

The INTEREURO project (www.intereuro.eu) is a pan-European research network that currently comprises more than 50 researchers working in teams across the European Union and United States. The INTEREURO project is funded by the European Science Foundation and eight national research foundations, while the affiliated project is funded by the US National Science Foundation.

The project addresses questions related to interest representation and lobbying in EU legislative politics. The Brussels community has grown to comprise some 5.000 interest organizations, employing approximately 20.000 lobbyists. Who are these interest groups? How do they organise? How much influence do they have?

The main objective of INTEREURO is to build a more comprehensive theoretical and empirical understanding of the role that interest groups play in the European polity. This workshop seeks to share our findings with lobbyists, interest group officials, civil society organizations, policymakers, journalists and all Brussels-based practitioners who are stakeholders in this debate.

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This event is exceptionally free of charge.

David Lowery

Penn State University

Speakers list
Joost Berkhout

University of Amsterdam

Christine Mahoney

University of Virginia

Rainer Eising

Rurh-University Bochum

Danica Fink-Hafner

University of Ljubljana