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Justice Needs Trust: From law and order to trust-based policies

Migration, asylum and borders

CEPS Conference Room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

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Justice Needs Trust: From law and order to trust-based policies


In light of the publication of the New European Agendas on Migration and Security, it is a timely opportunity to present and discuss the FIDUCIA project's final research findings and policy recommendations on the role of trust-based strategies directed towards trafficking in human beings and the criminalisation of irregular migration and those providing assistance to irregular migrants in the EU. The project has also explored the role of trust-based strategies for compliance in trafficking in goods and cybercrime in the European Union. This Final Conference will also present the findings of an innovative survey measuring the interrelationship between trust and procedural justice. 

The FIDUCIA project is based on the idea that the best starting point for criminal policy is to ask "Why do people obey the law?" rather than "Why do people break the law?" Inverting the traditional criminological question in this way directs our attention to the fact that compliance with the law is to do with norms and values. The FIDUCIA project's message is that the best long-term results in domestic and European criminal policies are to be found in strategies that foster trust in justice and thus encourage normative compliance with the law.

This Final Conference will provide an opportunity to learn about the project's findings and to consider the policy briefs that the FIDUCIA team has produced in relation to the four categories of criminal justice issues that are pan-European priorities: cybercrime, human trafficking, trafficking of goods, and the criminalisation of irregular migration. The FIDUCIA team will also present its findings from the FIDUCIA surveys on trust in justice across Europe.

Please click here to download the Programme of the event. 

For more information, please visit the FIDUCIA website www.fiduciaproject.eu

Speakers list
Sergio Carrera


Mike Hough

Birkbeck University of London

Ben Bradford

University of Oxford

David A. Sonenshein

Temple Law School

Mark Provera


Paolo Campana

University of Cambridge

Maria Yordanova

Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia

Susanne Knickmeier

Max Planck Institute Germany

Patryk Pawlak

European Parliament Research Service

Dafni Gogou

European Commission, DG Justice

Peter Bosch

European Commission, DG Home

Zoi Sakelliadou

European Commission, DG Home