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Japan-EU Cooperation in 5G/6G and future connectivity

AI, digitalisation and innovation

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Place du Congrès 1, Brussels, Belgium

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Hybrid Event

Japan-EU Cooperation in 5G/6G and future connectivity



The EU and Japan share a common vision towards building a future-proof digital society. To meet the increased demand for high-speed connectivity in IoT, communications and the digital economy, transitioning to the next generation of mobile communication systems, termed as “Beyond 5G”, has already begun. Such networks can contribute to the creation of sustainable and new value, featuring ultra-low power consumption, ultra-security and reliability, autonomy, and scalability, in addition to the further advancement of 5G’s characteristics such as high speed and high capacity, low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections.

To ensure a smooth transition, the Government of Japan published its “Beyond 5G (B5G) Promotion Strategy” in 2020. The “Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium” brings together Japanese industry, academia and government joint initiative, especially on R&D initiatives and international activities. The EU has launched activities as part of its “6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association” (6G-IA), representing European Industry and Research for next generation networks and services. 6G-IA works on standardisation, spectrum requirements, R&D projects, technology skills, collaboration with key vertical industry sectors, and international cooperation.

To ensure a frictionless and human-centric development of future 6G connectivity in Japan and the EU, this event will bring together key experts to discuss latest developments and common approaches to investment, R&D, technical aspects and policy. The event will feature an overview of Japan’s strategy and progress in the field, and provide perspectives on how EU and Japan can collaborate to promote developments in 5G/6G.

This event is organised in collaboration with the Mission of Japan to the European Union.

Rosanna Fanni Rosanna Fanni
Rosanna Fanni

Researcher & TTD Coordinator

Speakers list
Prof. Akihiro NAKAO

Professor of the University of Tokyo and Chairperson of International Committee of Beyond5G Promotion Consortium

Mr. Bernard Barani

Deputy Head of Unit at European Commission - DG Connect