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Internationalisation of SMEs: Improving access to markets for green SMEs

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Internationalisation of SMEs: Improving access to markets for green SMEs


The European Commission has recognised that the internationalization of SMEs is of key importance in boosting Europe’s competitiveness, economic growth, and innovation. However, as mentioned in the Green Action Plan for SMEs (EU Commission, 2014), only few SMEs provide their innovative green technologies, products, business models and services outside the EU. This GreenEcoNet Thematic Workshop will explore the lack of SME internationalisation and will focus on how green SMEs can better access international markets. The workshop will cover issues such as what are the main challenges faced by SMEs on international markets and how can policies help them integrate into global value chains. The event will feature a panel composed of experts from policy, research and business.

GreenEcoNet is a project financed by the European Commission, which brings businesses and academia together on an EU-wide platform to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the transition to a green economy. This platform allows SMEs in Europe to connect to each other and to share their experiences, innovations and best practices. It thus aims to assist SMEs in optimally reaping the business opportunities of a green economy. 




Wytze van der Gaast

Senior Expert, Joint Implementation Network (JIN)

Speakers list
Vincenzo Gente

Project Officer, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

Chris Hopkins

Project Officer, Green Economy Coalition (GEC)

Guido Lena

Director for Sustainable Development, UEAPME

Eva Revilla

Policy Officer, DG Grow, European Commission

Vasileios Rizos

Researcher, Centre for European Policy Studies

Carine Van Hove

Managing Director, Flanders Cleantech Association

Arthur van Leeuwen

Programme Coordinator, Netherlands Enterprise Agency