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Interim Evaluation of the EU programme

CEPS Conference room
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Interim Evaluation of the EU programme

on interoperability solutions for European public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA2)


ISA² (Interoperability solutions for European public administrations, businesses and citizens) is an EU spending programme supporting the development of digital solutions that enable public administrations, businesses and citizens in Europe to benefit from interoperable cross-border and cross sector public services. The programme has a budget of €130.9 million and runs for 5 years from 1 January 2016 until 31 December 2020. It provides and maintains solutions that facilitate the reuse of data as well as its exchange.

The main stakeholders of the programme are public administrations at European Union, national and regional level. The circle of affected stakeholders is however much broader as it also includes businesses and citizens interacting with public administrations as well as researchers, ICT communities or practitioners that may use ISA2 digital solutions free of charge.

Against this background, CEPS is conducting an evaluation study for DG DIGIT of the European Commission supporting the interim evaluation of ISA2. The study has two main objectives:

  • Evaluating the implementation of the programme by considering seven evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, EU added value, utility and sustainability);
  • Identifying areas of potential improvement and devising policy recommendations to improve the functioning of the programme and bring more value to its stakeholders.

In this context, CEPS is hosting a kick-off workshop to present the rationale, objectives and scope of the interim evaluation and to discuss the role that stakeholders can play in contributing to the study and improving the overall quality of the programme.

Please click here for draft agenda.

The event is free of charge; registration is required. Remote participation can be arranged upon request.

Felice Simonelli Felice Simonelli
Felice Simonelli

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Andrea Renda

Senior Research Fellow and Head of GRID, CEPS

Natalia Aristimuño Pérez

Head of Unit, DG DIGIT, European Commission