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Intangible Capital and Innovation: Drivers of Growth in the EU

Day 1 - Tuesday
Day 2 - Wednesday
CEPS Conference Room
1, Place du Congrès - 1000 Brussels
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Intangible Capital and Innovation: Drivers of Growth in the EU


Final conference of INNODRIVE: An EU-funded research project evaluating intangible capital resources throughout the EU and assessing their capacity to generate growth.

INNODRIVE has contributed to improving the measurement of the capital embodied in intellectual assets (e.g. human capital, R&D, patents, software and organisational structures) in the EU.

INNODRIVE has undertaken an evaluation of innovative growth at the firm level in a selection of old and new member states using the linked employer-employee data and, at the national level, by compiling new innovative estimates of the level of intangible capital and its contribution to the growth process in old and new member states and, for purposes of comparison, in the United States.

As an essential feature of our project, the analysis has been undertaken both at firm-level and at national level. At the micro-level the present project has improved our insight into the contributions of intangibles to the growth of firms by exploiting the potential of recently established linked employer-employee datasets and implementing a performance-based methodology to analyse how firms use knowledge and human capital to increase their productivity and how mobile workers react to these processes.

The project has provided data on intangibles and estimates of the capacity of intangible capital to generate growth. All data produced at national level (macro-approach and aggregated figures in micro-approach) are made public available in project web page www.innodrive.org.