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Incentivising new circular economy business models in the context of the European Green Deal – CIRC4Life Policy Event

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Policy Event

Incentivising new circular economy business models in the context of the European Green Deal – CIRC4Life Policy Event

This event is postponed til further notice because of the Corona virus


Circular economy features as a key priority in the European Green Deal, which signals the new Commission’s ambition to accelerate the circular transition, and recognises the importance of developing markets for climate neutral and circular products.

Some key questions that need to be addressed in the coming years are the following: How can we encourage consumers and businesses to engage in circular approaches and business models? How do we create the business case and ensure consumer buy-in? Introducing the right incentives for circular economy business models and consumers will be key to achieve the circular economy potential.

Drawing on the results of CIRC4Life, which implements circular economy business models in different value chains, this event aims to present examples of circular business models, discuss barriers and enablers, as well as how to incentivise consumers to engage with circular practices. It will include perspectives from both the private and public sector, as well as discuss consumer preferences.

CIRC4Life has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The Conference starts at 13:00 with registration & networking lunch.

Vasileios Rizos Vasileios Rizos
Vasileios Rizos

Research Fellow and Head of Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy

Speakers list
Paola Migliorini

Deputy Head of Unit, DG Environment, European Commission

Daizhong Su,

Head of Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Nottingham Trent University

Vasileios Rizos,

Research Fellow & Head of Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy, CEPS

Julia Nevmerzhitskaya,

Senior Lecturer, Research, Development and Innovation, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Francesca Poggiali,

Public Policy Europe Coordinator, GS1

Eleanor O’Rourke

Food Waste Policy & Research Analyst, Zero Waste Scotland

Ming Ma,

Principle Design Engineer, Kosnic

Andrea Crump,

Circular Economy Strategic Adviser, London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) (via video)

Evaristo García,

Project manager, Recyclia

Olalla Michelena,

Director EU Delegation, Make Mothers Matter (MMM)

Ángel Rodríguez Pérez,

Manager, Consorcio Valencia Interior