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III Conference on Competition and Regulation in the Telecommunications Market

AI, digitalisation and innovation

Place du Congrès, Brussels, Belgium

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III Conference on Competition and Regulation in the Telecommunications Market

The impact of 5G on EU competitiveness


Regulators, policymakers and companies are working together towards achieving the European Digital Single Market (DSM) and developing and investing in strategic connectivity objectives, while expecting to foster economic growth, boost jobs, competition, investment and innovation. Is Europe ready?

5G paves the way to the DSM and will enable Europe to achieve its connectivity goals; it will also foster the growth of new business models based on faster, more flexible and more reliable connectivity.

To fulfill all these ambitions, 5G will need higher density networks. That means huge investments and new roll-out challenges; the network densification requires the installation of additional antennas and effective management of planning in order to make the process efficient.

The III Conference on Competition and Regulation in the Telecommunications Market jointly organized by the IESE Business School University of Navarra and CEPS, will tackle the current state of art of 5G deployment and discuss infrastructure and deployment-related challenges.

Registration and coffee from 9.00 – Meeting from 9.30 to 13.00


Lorenzo Pupillo Lorenzo Pupillo
Lorenzo Pupillo

Associate Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Cybersecurity@CEPS Initiative

Speakers list
Rita Wezenbeek

Head of the unit dealing with Antitrust/ Telecoms, DG Competition

Rosario Baratta

Europe Head of Competition Law, GSMA

Jean-Pierre Faisan

Chairman of Communication, EWIA

Francesco de Leo

Executive Chairman, Kaufmann & Partners

Philippe Lefebvre

Head of Sector for the 5G Deployment Strategy -5G Infrastructure Association

José Aranda

Innovation Director, Cellnex

Maarit Palovirta

Director for Regulatory Affairs, ETNO

Patrick Legros

Professor of Economics, ULB (ECARES)

Lorenzo Pupillo

Associate Senior Research Fellow, CEPS

Andrea Renda

Head of GRID Unit, CEPS