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How to hit Russia with EU sanctions?


How to hit Russia with EU sanctions?


Since Russia’s recognition of independence of the separatist-held areas of Donetsk and Luhansk and the military invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the EU has announced six packages of sanctions. The objective of the measures is to limit the funds available for the war and to make the war costly for Putin and the political elite responsible for it. The measures include economic sanctions on the energy, transport, luxury goods and defence sectors; financial sanctions including asset freezes and transaction bans of banks and individuals; media restrictions; and diplomatic measures.

During this CEPS webinar, experts will discuss the measures and their effectiveness by addressing the following questions: Why did the EU put forward the punitive measures against Russia? What has the impact been so far? Which additional sanctions could and should the EU impose? What could the EU do to make the sanctions more effective?

Karel Lannoo Karel Lannoo
Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer

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Michael Hager

European Commission

Caroline Roulet


Satnam Lehal

Danske Bank

Tymofy Mylovanov

Yermak-McFaul international group on sanctions