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How Real is Tech-Lash?

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How Real is Tech-Lash?


The dominant tech theme in 2019 is tech-lash. Tech companies are becoming targets of harsh EU regulatory and enforcement actions. Hot-button issues include taxes (do the tech companies pay their fair share?), privacy (do the tech companies steal and sell your secrets?), IP (do the marketplaces allow for a flood of counterfeits?), fake news, hate speech, and a myriad additional list of additional ills.

And yet, do Europeans really have fear and loathing for tech? Will politicians running for European Parliament elections in May 2019 win by running to enforce tech-lash? Will policymakers find success and popularity by bashing the tech giants? A new poll from Brunswick suggests some surprising answers to these questions

William Echikson William Echikson
William Echikson

Speakers list
Jeremy Ruch

Director, Brunswick Group LLP

Werner Stengg

Head of Unit, DG CNECT, European Commission

Jakob Kucharczyk

Vice President, Computer & Communications Industry Association

Gonçalo Carriço

Political Adviser, Innovation, Technology and Digital Policy, EPP Headquarters

Francesco Ronchi

Political Advisor, S&D