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Household over-indebtedness


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Household over-indebtedness

Drivers and remedies


The ratio of EU household debt to income rose in 2017. Albeit small, this increase was the first noted in six years. In that context, several observers are already warning of an increase in the risk of household over-indebtedness. While it is too early to assess if this risk will materialise, a review of the effectiveness of existing rules aimed at tackling the issue should give us a better understanding of whether further policy actions are needed.

The European Commission recently launched a revision of the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) and will soon review the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD). These policies have been designed to, among others, reduce the risk of household over-indebtedness. However, there might be more effective and efficient measures to reach this objective. In order to identify the right policy mix for household credit an in-depth understanding of the main drivers behind over-indebtedness is necessary.

The purpose of this event is to focus attention on three drivers in particular: Unexpected income shocks, financial illiteracy and the lack of relevant data on creditworthiness. Expert panellists will focus on each of these three factors, with the aim of answering the following questions:

  • How and to what extent does each driver raise household over-indebtedness?
  • What are the related good and bad practices?
  • Should regulators and supervisors intervene, and if so, at what stage in the lending process?

These issues will be debated with senior practitioners, distinguished academics, high-level officials and influential representatives from consumer associations.

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Speakers list
Renatas Mažeika,

Head of Consumer Policy, DG Justice and Consumers, European Commission

Caroline Siarkiewicz,

Head of Debt Advice, Money Advice Service

Philippe Lamberts,

Member of the European Parliament

Anna Ludwinek,

Research Manager, Social Policies, Eurofound

Jonathan Crook,
Anna Buchta,

Head of Policy and Consultation, European Data Protection Supervisor