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Granting EU candidate status to Ukraine: caveats and prospects


Granting EU candidate status to Ukraine: caveats and prospects


On 23-24 June, the European Council will decide on granting Ukraine an EU candidate status. Besides the strong symbolic significance, this step is crucial for Ukraine from geopolitical and security perspectives. It can support Ukraine in its existential fight against Russian aggression and create a powerful impetus for further reforms and rebuilding of Ukraine after the war.

While many argue, that Ukraine is eligible to receive the candidate status due to meeting the basic Copenhagen criteria and successful implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in many areas, others seem not convinced that enough progress had been demonstrated in the rule of law reforms and/or just opposed to EU enlargement in principle.

The Opinion of the European Commission on the Ukrainian application is expected to be published on 17 June, to provide its assessment on the level of meeting the criteria by Ukraine and to suggest recommendations for the political decision at the European Council.

We gathered leading experts from Ukraine, Brussels and Eastern Europe for this public debate to comment on European Commission’s assessment and recommendations, highlight the importance of granting a full-fledged EU candidate status to Ukraine as well as answer concerns that exist regarding this step. Ukrainian experts will respond to the key caveats of European decision-makers and propose practical solutions to them. In its turn, EU experts will reflect on a new agenda of the EU’s enlargement policy, brought by the Ukrainian case.

This event is organised by the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels in cooperation with CEPS, the International Renaissance Foundation, and GLOBSEC and with the support of the European Union within the framework of the EU4USociety project.

The event will be recorded by the organisers. The live stream of the event will be also available on the UTTLOB Facebook page. 

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Dmytro Shulga

International Renaissance Foundation, Kyiv

Speakers list
Leonid Litra

New Europe Center, Kyiv

Olena Halushka

Anticorruption Action Centre, Kyiv, and International Centre for Ukrainian Victory, Warsaw

Michael Emerson

Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels

Olena Khylko

GLOBSEC Policy Institute, Bratislava