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Fighting Online Fakes

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Fighting Online Fakes


The luxury goods industry is a global success story also thanks to the success of global e-commerce. The flipside of a booming legitimate industry however is a booming illicit industry: The OECD calculates that 461 billion dollars of fakes are traded per year with goods originating from across the world, in particular China , India, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Dealing with this challenge is not to be underestimated: counterfeiters are sophisticated and learn quickly incentivised by individuals who are prepared to knowingly buy counterfeit. Options that have been posited to deal with counterfeit include increasing penalties for counterfeiters, increasing supply chain security as well as increasing the responsibilities of actors in the value chain, from the factory level all the way through to the customer transaction and final delivery.

What should the reasonable responsibilities be for postal and courier services? What actions are online marketplaces taking and what should they reasonably be expected to do in the future? What measures should brands be taking to secure their own supply chains and what technologies are or could they invest in? What penalties should be envisaged for those that manufacture counterfeited goods?  Should the consumer be held more accountable for knowingly buying counterfeit goods?

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Leonardo Sforza

Felice Simonelli Felice Simonelli
Felice Simonelli

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Matthew Bassiur

Head of Global IP enforcement, Alibaba group

Jaymeen Patel

Director of Government Affairs, LVMH

Leonardo Sforza

Managing Director & Public Affairs Practice Leader EMEA, MSL Group

Natalia Zebrowska

Policy Officer, DG GROW, European Commission