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Executive Training Seminar “The Politics of the EU Purse: Mastering the Multiannual Financial Framework

Day 1 - Monday
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Place du Congrès, Bruxelles, Belgique

Executive Training Seminar “The Politics of the EU Purse: Mastering the Multiannual Financial Framework


Executive Training Seminar, Brussels, 21-23 October 2019


This Executive Training examines the new developments of the EU budget, focusing on the strategic role that member states and parliaments play in negotiations for the determination of the new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). Participants will upgrade their strategic knowledge, develop key skills and share best practices in a year that is critical for the EU’s future. This interactive seminar discusses both the substance and the organisation of the MFF as a case study, with the aim to strengthen participants’ grip on processes taking place in Brussels and in the member states.Training Objectives:

  • Learning about the new developments of the MFF and the state of play of negotiations;
  • Identifying and discussing best practices on how EU and national actors scrutinise the MFF;
  • Building expertise in parliaments’ instruments and related assessments with regard to the MFF;
  • Obtaining invaluable knowledge about the role of the InvestEU as an EU financial instrument;
  • Upgrade knowledge about how EU budget mechanisms affect national economic policies;
  • Understanding member states’ national interests/preferences about the MFF;
  • Steering an inter-parliamentary network of best practices.

Deadline: 30 September 2019

General Fees: 1300 Euros
Discounted fees for applicants from:

  • University (PhD, Post-doc, research fellows etc.): 350 Euros
  • EU institution and national parliaments: 975 Euros

In case of registration of 3 participants from the same organisation, the course fee is waived for one of them. Special deals apply for larger groups.

The fees cover the cost of the course as well as coffee and lunch breaks. Travel and hotel costs are not included in the fees.

Place: Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels
Scientific Coordinators: Cinzia Alcidi (CEPS) and Wolfgang Wessels (EUI)

This Executive Training Seminar is jointly organised by the EUI’s School of Transnational Governance (STG) and the Centre for European and Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels. Learn more about the STG-CEPS partnership.
Cinzia Alcidi Cinzia Alcidi
Cinzia Alcidi

Director of Research