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Europe’s Growth Champion

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Europe’s Growth Champion

Insights from the Economic Rise of Poland


Launch of the book:

Europe’s Growth Champion: Insights from the Economic Rise of Poland by   Dr. Marcin Pi?tkowski

The book is a pioneering study of Poland’s unprecedented economic success over the last 25 years, when it became Europe’s and the world’s growth champion (among countries at a similar level of income). The book shares the lessons learned from Poland’s remarkable experience, the conditions that keep countries poor, and the challenges that countries need to face in order to grow. It defines a new growth model that Poland and its Central and Eastern European peers need to adopt to continue to grow and catch up with their Western counterparts. The book also emphasizes the importance of the fundamental sources of growth– institutions, culture, ideas, and leaders– in economic development. It acknowledges the key role played by the European Union in Poland’s success. It argues that a shift from an extractive society, where the few rule for the benefit of the few, to an inclusive society, where many rule for the benefit of many, was the key to Poland’s success. It asserts that a newly emerged inclusive society will support further convergence of Poland and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe with the West, and help to sustain the region’s Golden Age. It highlights future challenges that Poland and the region faces and argues that moving to the core of the European economy will require further reforms and changes in Poland’s developmental character.

More info about the book is here:〈=en&#


Marcin Piatkowski is a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for European Studies (2016-17), a Senior Economist in the World Bank, and Assistant Professor of Economics at Kozminski University in Warsaw. Previously, he was Chief Economist of PKO BP, the largest bank in Poland, Economist in the European Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Advisor to the IMF’s Executive Director. During 2002-03, he served as Advisor to Poland’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, contributing to the fiscal reform program. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Kozminski University and an M.A. in Finance and Banking summa cum laude from the Warsaw School of Economics.


Dan Michaels is currently the Brussels Bureau Chief at The Wall Street Journal. Dan had covered from 1993 to 1999 Central & Eastern Europe for the WSJ, based in Warsaw, focusing on business, politics and society. He previously worked as a management consultant on privatization in Poland and Russia. Before that, he was a management consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton in New York City, working across a range of industries in the U.S. and Canada. Daniel is a graduate of Princeton University, where he studied China and East Asia. He speaks French, Polish and rusty Mandarin Chinese.

Please click here to download the presentation of Dr. Marcin Piatkowski.

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