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European #Futures Forum

Place du Congrès, Brussels, Belgium

European #Futures Forum


The first European #Futures Forum takes place on 1 October 2019. This forum is organised by the Visegrad/Insight, a platform for debate and analysis on Central Europe at the Res Publica Foundation (Warsaw), together with the CEPS – Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) and other partners.

The upcoming discussions regarding the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), which are to be held between the autumn of 2019 and the summer of 2020, come with a degree of uncertainty around the potential long-term social and political outcomes for Europe as a whole.

The European #Futures Forum develops a stronger and broader dialogue on how to improve understanding of the Visegrad Group’s perspectives regarding the upcoming ‚EU Budget’ and to engage with relevant stakeholders ahead of their negotiations on the MFF.

Join us on 1 October 2019 for the forum, where leaders and high-level opinion-shapers of Central Europe are brought together. This is an opportunity to meet with experts from across the region and discuss all multifaceted issues of strategic importance to the negotiations.

Also, on 30 September 2019, Visegrad/Insight and CEPS are launching a special scenario-based Report to put forward bold ideas for the debate on the future of Europe in the context of the MFF.

Register no later than 25 September

Focal points:

  • Challenges of implementation and new methods of distribution. How the EC proposals will influence member states allocation efficiency?
  • Challenges in the light of Brexit: how will the gap in the budget be filled-in after Brexit?
  • Challenges for the Eurozone budget: what will it mean for the future of decision making in Europe?
  • Challenges for innovations: a new approach in different sectors of the MFF leads to resolving the question of whether the aims will be achieved, eg. in agriculture.


Daniel Gros Daniel Gros
Daniel Gros

Distinguished Fellow

Speakers list
Aleš Chmelař

Czech Deputy Minister for Europe

Piotr Arak

Director of the Polish Economic Institute

Maria Spyraki

Member of the European Parliament

Petr Zahradník

a Czech economist and a Member of the European Economic and Social Committee