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EU trade policy and jobs

CEPS Conference room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

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CEPS Event

EU trade policy and jobs


Presentation and assessment of a new in-depth Commission study.

  • According to the latest EU report, almost 1 out of 7 jobs in the EU depends on exports.
  • Are trade-related jobs low or high-skilled, poorly or well paid?
  • How many Europeans own their job to EU exports to United States, Japan or China?

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Matthew Dalton

EU Trade reporter, Wall Street Journal

Speakers list
Jose Rueda Cantuche

Technical Project Officer - Scientific Officer - DG JRC-IPTS, European Commission

Nuno Sousa

Policy Officer - Economist - DG Trade, European Commission

Monika Sztajerowska

Economist, OECD

Filip Abraham

Professor - Economics Department, Leuven University

Ilaria Maselli

Research Fellow, CEPS

Lucian Cernat

Chief Economist - DG Trade, European Commission