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EU-Japan dialogue: Circular and climate neutral global value chains


EU-Japan dialogue: Circular and climate neutral global value chains


In this second ‘green dialogue’ between the EU and Japan, we will discuss how the two economies can transform global value chains in line with their climate and circular economy objectives.

Both economies have committed to climate neutrality by mid-century, and new growth strategies driven by the European Green Deal and Japan’s Green Growth Strategy are taking shape.

We discuss the potential for further EU-Japan cooperation during this online public event, together with Japanese and European stakeholders.

Specific issues to be discussed may include:

• How can the Japanese and European economies become more circular?
• How can the EU and Japan scale up climate-neutral technologies?
• Trade and climate: what role could carbon border adjustments and product standards play?

This meeting will be also livestreamed on this page.

Christian Egenhofer Christian Egenhofer
Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Yukihiro Kawaguchi

Director, Global Environmental Affairs Office, METI Japan

Prof. Yukari Takamura

Institute for Future Initiatives, University of Tokyo

Jan Tytgat

Director Government Affairs EU-Benelux, Umicore

Peter Handley

Head of Energy-Intensive Industries & Raw Materials, DG GROW European Commission