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The European Green Deal after Corona Implications for EU climate policy
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EU Funding on Migration, Integration and Asylum – Testing the Added Value

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CEPS Event

Event Agenda

Joint CEPS – European Parliament cross-party hearing.

The event will address the European Commission’s proposals for the EU Budget 2014-2020 in the field of Home Affairs, focusing specifically on the Commission’s proposal for a new financial instrument, the ‘Migration and Asylum Fund’ that will support actions in relation to asylum, legal migration and integration, irregular migration and return.

The hearing intends to continue the public debate on the role of EU funding in Home Affairs and to identify concrete steps for EU funding on Migration, Integration and Asylum to contribute to social cohesion in the post 2013 programming period. In particular, the hearing will assess to what extent the current functioning and future priorities of EU funding on migration and integration actually address the needs and concerns experienced by NGOs and local and regional authorities. The hearing will provide an opportunity for European Parliament Members to discuss with local, regional and civil society actors on the content and value-added of the current proposal.

To register please send an email to jacintha.liem@ceps.eu by Friday 2nd March. If you need an access badge to the European Parliament, please say so in your registration email stating your first and last name, ID or passport number (indicating the type of document), your nationality and your date of birth.

CEPS Event

Discussants &

Below is our list of speakers and discussants.

Judith Sargentini

MEP; Jean Lambert, MEP

CEPS Event

Event Details

EU Funding on Migration, Integration and Asylum – Testing the Added Value

Event Address

European Parliament Room PHS 4B 001
60 Rue Wiertz - 1047 Brussels
Event Date

Day 1 - Wednesday
Event Topic

CEPS Event

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