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Ensuring Privacy and Security in Europe

Migration, asylum and borders

CEPS Conference room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels
Lunch Time Meeting

Ensuring Privacy and Security in Europe

What are the challenges in an Internet age?


The lunch time event will provide expert speakers and the public with an opportunity to critically consider the regulatory framework for the lawful processing of data by security and intelligence agencies. Special attention will be given to the following questions:

How can the need for prompt processing and sharing of information be reconciled with fundamental rights safeguards? Is access to personal data by security and intelligence agencies making us safer or just less private? How can we be sure that these data will not be used for other purposes, and how safe is their storage? What are the legal and ethical limits of the collection and sharing of data? Who controls the access to data retained by intelligence and security agencies?

You can download the Agenda for this event HERE

A light lunch will be served from 12:15.

Marco Stefan Marco Stefan
Marco Stefan

Speakers list
Douglas Wilson

Director of legal Affairs, (UK) Government Communications Headquarters

Mireille Hagens

Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services, the Netherlands

Pavel Klimov

Chair of the Law Society England and Wales Technology Working Group

Krisztina Huszti-Orban

Senior Legal Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur on Counter-terrorism and Human Rights