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Enhancing opportunities for maritime security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

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Enhancing opportunities for maritime security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific


In September 2021, the EU released its Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-PacificBoth the current French Presidency of the Council and the upcoming Czech Presidency have listed cooperation in the Indo-Pacific as a priority issue. For the EU, maritime security cooperation is an increasingly important part of its strategic partnerships with both Japan and India. 

While the EU is currently working out how to implement the strategy, initiatives such as CRIMARIO II can provide useful recommendations on how it can foster deeper cooperation with its key partners.  

How was the EU Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific received by Japan and India? What are the concrete contributions of EU CSDP missions on maritime security in the Indo-Pacific? How can maritime security cooperation with strategic partners, such as India and Japan, evolve further Could a joint EU-India-Japan mission be possible?

Stefania Benaglia Stefania Benaglia
Stefania Benaglia

Head of the Global Connectivity Programme

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Prof Jimbo Ken

Professor Faculty of Policy Management, Graduate school of Media and Governance, Keio University

Mr Giovanni Cremonini

Head of Maritime Security Sector, EEAS

Dr Amruta Karambelkar

VIF India

Dr Marianne Peron-Doise

Political Advisor, CRIMARIO

Karel Lannoo