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Energy efficiency in the cement industry

Energy, climate change and the environment


Energy efficiency in the cement industry

the role of alternative fuel use in the circular economy


The CEPS Task Force on ‘The Role of Business in the Circular Economy’ has identified the need for member states to review their national waste management situation and better integrate circular economy principles into waste management.

This workshop will focus on the case of the cement industry which uses different types of industrial by-products, waste and biomass as an alternative fuel and raw material (i.e. co-processing of waste).

The workshop will discuss the challenges surrounding the use of alternative fuels by the industry and the policies needed to incentivise alternative waste treatment methods instead of landfilling and incineration. This includes energy efficiency challenges arising from the use of alternative fuels by the industry which in some cases can lead to an increase in energy demand.


Closed meeting, participation is only open for experts in the field, please contact us if you would like to participate.

Christian Egenhofer Christian Egenhofer
Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Seán Kelly


Koen Coppenholle

Chief Executive

Rozalina Petrova

Policy Officer

Jeroen De Beer

Associate Director

Martin Oerter

The European Cement Research Academy

Nicola Rega

Director, Climate Change & Energy

Karlis Goldstein

Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission