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The European Green Deal after Corona Implications for EU climate policy
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Competition and Regulation in Network Industries

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5th annual conference of the multidisciplinary journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries

Network industries are caught between competition and regulation. To perform adequately, vital infrastructures (such as energy, water, telecom, post, railways, aviation, and transport) need to carefully balance private interests and public values, economic efficiency considerations with social service obligations, and pressures for further liberalization with the need to regulate monopolistic networks. At the same time significant innovations – notably in the field of ICT – are taking place that offer new opportunities and impediments for infrastructure operations and governance. Exploring this balance between competition and regulation in network industries provides a fascinating field of research that challenges politics and business alike.

The conference takes a multi-disciplinary approach and explores the legal, economic, institutional and public policy aspects of network industries. It aims to highlight dominant current trends and issues affecting network industries

Members of academic / non-profit institutions: 200 Euro Members of business community: 300 Euro PhD students: fee waivers are available upon request Conference dinner: 50 Euro (optional)

Click here to register. For further info, please contact Daniel Scholten

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Below is our list of speakers and discussants.

Prof. Dr. Rolf Künneke

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

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Competition and Regulation in Network Industries

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Residence Palace
155 Rue de la Loi
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Day 1 - Friday
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