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Combating money laundering in the EU: time to get serious


Combating money laundering in the EU: time to get serious



Every year an estimated 2 to 5 percent of the global GDP is being laundered. So far, anti-money laundering policies have seen limited successes. Meanwhile, the breadth and means to launder money have also increased, facilitated by technological progress.

From crime and drug-trafficking-related proceeds, the mandate to stop money laundering has expanded to now include tax avoidance, terrorist financing, human trafficking, state-sponsored and corporate bribery.

CEPS together with ECRI will be launching a new task force report to provide recommendations to both the public and private sectors to combat money laundering. The event will start with some introductory words from MEP Eero Heinäluoma, followed by Ms Raluca Pruna of DG FISMA and Mr Burkhard Mühl of Europol. The second half of the event will be dedicated to questions and answers.

This event is free and open to the public, but you must register to gain access to the ZOOM meeting. Once registered, you will receive instructions on how to join this event.


Karel Lannoo Karel Lannoo
Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer

Speakers list
Eero Heinäluoma

MEP, European Parliament

Raluca Pruna

Head of Unit, DG FISMA, European Commission

Burkhard Mühl

Head of Department, European Financial & Economic Crime Centre, EUROPOL

Karel Lannoo