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The European Green Deal after Corona Implications for EU climate policy
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Climate change policy post-Durban

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Just one year before the end of the Kyoto Protocol First Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol, the Durban COP will provide indications of the post 2012 direction, the future of the KP and its mechanisms, CDM and JI, and the new mechanisms that are emerging? How do the results from the Durban COP affect the EU policy and action on climate change? Will it impact the EU ETS, the cap and eligibility of instruments for compliance?

Jos Delbeke and other speakers, direct participants in the Durban COP, will provide their views, from a EU perspective, as well as from other negotiating groups and stakeholders.

This event will also mark the launch of a new three-year programme, the CEPS Carbon Market Forum, as the umbrella for its carbon market-related activities.

The CEPS Carbon Market Forum, headed by Andrei Marcu, will provide for a neutral space, where policy makers and regulators will be able to meet carbon market participants and other stakeholders to discuss carbon market regulation, and general policy issues, in a structured and solution-oriented way in order to enrich the rigorous intellectual analysis that is the contribution that CEPS brings to the debate.

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This meeting is free of charge.


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Below is our list of speakers and discussants.

Christian Egenhofer Christian Egenhofer

Christian Egenhofer

Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Energy and Climate programme

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Climate change policy post-Durban

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CEPS - Conference Room
Place du Congres 1 - B-1000 BRUSSELS
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Day 1 - Wednesday
Isabelle Tenaerts Isabelle Tenaerts
Isabelle Tenaerts
+32 (0)2 229 39 56
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