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Carbon capture and storage in hard-to-abate sectors

Energy, climate change and the environment


Carbon capture and storage in hard-to-abate sectors

The Norway-EU industrial partnership


To reach the climate and energy goals for 2030 and 2050, the Climate Target Plan sets out that massive investments are needed. The EU will need to invest € 350 billion more every year between 2021 and 2030 than it did between 2011 and 2020.[1] The European economic response to COVID-19 offers a unique opportunity to accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral economy.

According to the EU Climate Target Plan, full decarbonisation of industry after 2030 will require a wide range of zero or very low carbon technologies and business concepts such s system integration, hydrogen or carbon capture, utilisation and storage. In order to meaningfully contribute to European and global climate objectives, CCS technology will need to be developed and rolled out at scale in this decade. This joint event by CEPS and the Ministry of  Petroleum and Energy of Norway will discuss how to accelerate development and deployment within the ‘Fit for 55-package’.  Particular reference will be made to recent projects supported by the Norwegian government such as the full-scale CCS-project Longship.

[1] Climate Target Plan. Stepping up Europe’s 2030 ambition. Investing in a climate-neutral future for the benefit of our people. COM (2020) 652; p. 4.

This event is organised in partnership with the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

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Christian Egenhofer Christian Egenhofer
Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Karel Lannoo


Rolf Einar Fife

Ambassador  of Norway to the EU

Tina Bru

Minister of Petroleum and Energy of Norway

Roy Vardheim

CEO, Gassnova

Ingrid Sølvberg

Director General, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Per Brevik

Director Alternative Fuels and Sustainability, HeidelbergCement Northern Europe

Liv Monica Stubholt

Partner in law firm Selmer, Chairperson of the non-executive board, Fortum Oslo Varme

Krzysztof Bolesta

CO2 capture, use and storage Policy Lead, DG Energy, European Commission

Erika Bellmann

Head of Germany Programs, Bellona