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Biometrics and Borders

Migration, asylum and borders

Haus der Europäischen Union
Wipplingerstrasse 35 - 1010 Vienna - Austria

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Biometrics and Borders



The Lunchtime Policy Meeting is a dynamic meeting format in which the speakers give short statements, followed by a debate with the audience. It allows for a targeted discussion on a topical policy issue with stakeholders from policy making, academia and civil society. This Lunchtime Policy Meeting is part of the SOURCE Annual Conference. For more information and to register, please click here.


The establishment and operation of large scale IT systems forms an intrinsic part of the EU legal and policy framework on external borders and asylum. The three main systems of this kind are the Visa Information System (VIS), the Schengen Information System (SIS II) and the EURODAC System. The latter is aimed at the collection and processing of fingerprints of asylum applicants to help establish the Member State responsible for an asylum application under the Dublin Regulation. The Commission also has made new proposals on ‘Smart Borders’, including an Entry-Exit System.

It is in this context of the increasing use of IT systems that questions arise on the protection of personal data in collection and storage, as well as around how biometric data is collected, such as the use of coercive measure when fingerprints are collected for EURODAC. There are also questions over the cost efficiency and proportionality of large scale systems containing biometric data and over how they can enhance the reliability of identification and support law enforcement activities in countering terrorism and serious crime. This Policy Meeting will take stock of EU developments concerning biometrics and borders and will explore the questions outlined above. It will bring together policy-makers and academics and provide a platform for high-level discussion on this defining topic for EU external borders.

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Sergio Carrera Sergio Carrera
Sergio Carrera

Senior Research Fellow and Head of Justice and Home Affairs unit

Speakers list
Kristoffer Lidén

Senior Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo

Ann-Charlotte Nygård

Programme Manager, Freedoms and Justice Department,Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), Vienna

Borut Erzen

Programme Manager, Border Management and Visa, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), Vienna

Niovi Vavoula

Researcher, Faculty of Law, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)