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A War of Keywords: How extremists exploit the internet and what to do about it

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Joint CEPS – Centre on Religion & Geopolitics event.

What can we do about extremists exploiting the internet?

With more and more young people joining ISIS after being radicalised online, CEPS is pleased to host the launch of a new report by the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics aimed at shedding light on how accessible extremist content is beyond social media. Access to extremist content, ranging from ISIS magazines, beheading videos, and jihadi manuals, is no more than an online search away.

Just as extremists demonstrate a high level of agility in utilising the internet to spread their messages, counter-narrative efforts also need to be agile to effectively challenge extremist content online. This requires a concerted effort from governments, technology companies, and civil society groups.

Mubaraz Ahmed is an analyst for the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics, and co-authored the report. Leading on the Middle East & North Africa region, Mubaraz's research interests include counter-extremism policy making, theories in Quranic translation, and modern trends in Islam.

Dave King is the CEO of Digitalis Reputation. Dave built and sold digital marketing agencies during the booms in each of web development and search engine marketing, he has consulted to numerous consumer-facing organisations (public and private) on their own digital strategies. Dave is legally trained and a highly regarded authority in the digital sector, often speaking publicly on the areas of online reputational risk, cyber security and other emerging areas. He is a source of comment for the BBC and FT and has spoken for organisations and institutions including the International Bar Association, EY, IDM and IOD.

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Discussants &

Below is our list of speakers and discussants.

Marco Incerti

Marco Incerti

Speakers list
Mubaraz Ahmed

Analyst, Centre on Religion & Geopolitics

Dave King

CEO, Digitalis Reputation

Christiane Höhn

Principal Adviser to the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator

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A War of Keywords: How extremists exploit the internet and what to do about it

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CEPS Conference Room
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Day 1 - Wednesday
Anne-Marie Boudou Anne-Marie Boudou
Anne-Marie Boudou
+32 (0)2 229 39 12
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Participation in this meeting is free of charge, courtesy of the Centre for Religion and Geopolitics. A sandwich lunch will be served from 12.30 onwards.

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