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A new economic architecture in Europe

Economic and monetary affairs

Avenue de Cortenbergh 16, 1000 Brussels

A new economic architecture in Europe

Challenges and opportunities


A new economic architecture in Europe: Challenges and opportunities


The economic landscape in Europe has changed over the last few years. The global financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent European sovereign debt crisis revealed serious flaws in the institutional design of European economic architecture. Within the euro area country performances have diverged with some countries experiencing still very high unemployment. By contrast, the new Member States from Central and Eastern Europe have maintained growth and are gradually catching up. What could be done to rekindle convergence within the euro area, can it learn from the experience of the new Member States.

The global economy is also undergoing profound financial changes with emerging markets becoming the new dominant element. Can Europe compete in this new world order and what could the European Union do to transform the rise of China and other EMEs into an opportunity, rather than a threat?


The seminar aims at feeding into the ongoing reflection process on ways to strengthen economic revival in Europe. Now, that growth is returning, the EU must find ways to ensure that everyone grows and benefits from growth. The main objective of this seminar is thus to formulate policy messages on how to shape European economic policy in a way that fosters convergence. The seminar will be an occasion to discuss the key opportunities and obstacles, which could be found on the path towards sustainable growth in Europe in the context of a changing international environment characterized by the growing importance of emerging market countries.

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