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A global EU Connectivity Strategy as an extension of EU-Asia relations?


A global EU Connectivity Strategy as an extension of EU-Asia relations?


In an increasingly connected world, the EU needs to advance its interests, values and positions and strengthen cooperation with its partners in the digital field, security, the green transition, transportation, energy and human networks. The EU has a whole raft of strategies to connect to both neighbouring countries and farther-flung regions. In this respect, the joint communication ‘Connecting Europe and Asia’ of 2018 is an important building block. But considerable economic potential between Europe, Asia and other continents remains untapped owing to a lack of physical and digital infrastructure. The importance of an effective EU connectivity strategy has been further underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made both the weaknesses and strengths of the European and global connectivity networks clear to see.

With the adoption of a resolution on January 21, 2021, the European Parliament has encouraged the European Commission and the EEAS to create a global EU Connectivity Strategy as an extension of the current EU-Asia Connectivity Strategy in order to align the Union’s connectivity philosophy and policies. The dual goal is to strengthen the EU’s role as an indispensable geopolitical and geo-economic actor with a single narrative, and to reinforce partnerships with democracies around the world which share the Union’s fundamental values. But many questions remain:

  • In a world which is increasingly characterized by regulatory competition, which added value to the implementation and promotion of its global agenda could and should the EU bring?
  • Which synergies across the EU’s key policies should it prioritize?
  • Which stakeholders should be involved?
  • Which flagship projects should it develop?
  • Which internal and international obstacles will need to be overcome?

These and other questions form the backbone of an online panel discussion hosted by CEPS on Zoom, open to registered guests and live-streamed for the wider public via YouTube.


This session will be run in Zoom, you must register in advance to gain access to the meeting and the details to join will be sent one hour prior of the event.

Steven Blockmans Steven Blockmans
Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

Speakers list
Karel Lannoo


Reinhard Bütikofer

MEP for the European Green Party, co-chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, and sponsor of the EP Resolution

Ambassador Romana Vlahutin

EU Ambassador at Large for Connectivity

Ambassador Yasushi Masaki

Mission of Japan to the EU

Tsai Ming-Yen

Representative, Taipei Representation Office in Brussels

Ambassador-designate Lim Hong Huai

Embassy of Singapore

Stefania Benaglia

Associate Researcher at CEPS