CEPS Academy

                               Preparing the student of today to make a contribution to the Europe of tomorrow!

Established in 2015, CEPS Academy offers graduate and post-graduate training and other educational activities on a wide range of EU policy areas. The mission of the CEPS Academy is to equip both students and professionals with original insights and tools to better understand the European Union. Lectures, open discussions and interactive sessions with academics, practitioners and officials will stimulate interest in EU policy-making and encourage fresh thinking among the younger generation of Europeans who will shape and lead the EU in the future.
CEPS Summer School for young professionals and academics

The CEPS Summer School offers a unique setting in which participants can deepen their understanding of the functioning of the EU, with a special focus on the economic and financial governance framework. This theme encompasses the rationale and interests underpinning the ongoing policy debate, market mechanisms at work and emerging future challenges.  

The classes extend over six days in early September. Each day students attend lectures, discussion groups or technical seminars led by our in-house experts, including Daniel Gros and Cinzia Alcidi. These sessions are complemented by seminars and discussions with EU officials and policymakers. Learning is reinforced by visits to the EU institutions and stimulating group interactions, in which participants can share their views and experience, making the week both inspiring and fun.


  • Cinzia Alcidi, Coordinator of CEPS Academy activities and Scientific Coordinator of IPEPS
  • Willem Pieter de Groen, Member of the Executive Committee of IPEPS
  • Daniel Gros, Chair of the Supervisory Board of IPEPS
  • Diego Valiante (European Commission), External Member of the Supervisory Board of IPEPS
  • Margarita Minkova, Administrative Coordinator of CEPS Summer School and Young Thinkers for Europe
  • Veselina Georgieva, Administrative Coordinator of IPEPS

For any enquiries, please contact cepsacademy@ext.ceps.eu 


Past activities


The Integrated Programme in European Policy Studies (IPEPS) complemented master’s degree programmes in Universities across Europe. It provided practical content and policy-oriented training, drawing from CEPS’ extensive experience as a prominent European think tank. It aimed to promote critical thinking and in-depth learning of real-life EU policy issues. The programme offered a comprehensive coverage of EU policy areas: EU macroeconomic governance, Regulation and the economics of financial markets, Energy Union and climate change, EU single market and the four freedoms, Decision-making across EU policies. 

The IPEPS project received funding from Erasmus+ - Jean Monnet - support to Institutions

 Young Thinkers for Europe: CEPS Ideas Lab 

The Young Thinkers initiative took place during the CEPS Ideas Lab event in 2017 and 2016. It aimed at fostering the involvement of young officials from national governments eager to join the Brussels debate and help to shape it. It is an innovative platform promoting the exchange of views on key policy issues facing Europe. All sessions of the Ideas Lab were open to the ‘Young Thinkers’ participants. Special sessions discussing EU challenges from different levels and angles were also organised.  


In the framework of the research project InGRID (Integrating Expertise in Inclusive Growth), CEPS organised a series of winter schools on social policy analysis and labour market developments. InGRID winter school sessions offered lectures with leading international experts and provided participants with the opportunity to discuss and develop their own projects, either as PhD or postdoctoral students.