Young Thinkers 2017

To encourage young thinkers to contribute ideas for “Reconstructing Europe”, we have set up additional sessions which complement to the main programme and are reserved exclusively for participants under the age of 40. This initiative is being launched under the auspices of the CEPS Academy, which has organised a variety of educational activities led by CEPS since 2015, with the aim of promoting critical thinking and enabling in-depth learning of real-life EU policy issues. We believe that these aims can only be achieved through a truly European policy perspective in a European setting. The CEPS Ideas Lab offers precisely such a setting.

This year, 30 seats among the younger participants, were reserved for promising officials from ministries of national governments of the EU-28 member states plus the Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein. The event offered a platform to bring national views into the EU debate and an opportunity for networking with peers in different countries.

All sessions of the Ideas Lab were open to the Young Thinkers. In addition, three special sessions were on offer: an opening lunch on the first day of the CEPS Ideas Lab and a breakfast as well as a closing lecture on the second day. Each of these three sessions considerd EU challenges from different levels and angles.