CEPS in the news

  • EurActiv.com

    CEPS Fellow Sebastian Kurpas commented for EU affairs portal EurActiv.com on the results of the latest Eurobarometer survey, which shows a growing mistrust of European citizens towards the EU institutions in spite of increased support for EU membership 

  • Bloomberg

    CEPS Fellow Florian Geyer was interviewed by Bloomberg news agency on the practical implications of the enlargement of the Schengen area of free movement and the complications that are likely to arise at the new borders 

  • El Pais

    Un informe elaborado por EPC, Egmont y CEPS advierte de los riesgos de la división de la presidencia en cinco niveles diferentes: 2. ... 

  • El Pais

    ... implementación de las innovaciones institucionales, elaborado por European Policy Center (EPC), Egmont y Center for European Policy Estudies (CEPS). ... 

  • Arno Behrens, in European Voice

    CEPS Fellow Arno Behrens was quoted by Brussels’ weekly the European Voice, in an article looking at the draft Commission’s Communication on carbon capture and storage, and its impact on the development of new technologies in the field

  • Karel Lannoo, in Reuters

    CEPS Senior Fellow Karel Lannoo was quoted by Reuters news agency, in an article looking at the improvements to the European system of banking supervision that have been proved necessary by the recent financial turmoil

  • Daniel Gros, in Die Presse

    „Aber Länder wie Frankreich sind alleine eine Nummer zu klein gegenüber China oder Afrika“, meinte Daniel Gros vom Center for European Policy Studies ... 

  • Michael Emerson, in RIA Novosti

    M. Medvedev est le plus libéral des hommes politiques du Kremlin, estime l'expert du Centre d'études politiques européennes (CEPS) Michael Emerson. ...

  • Marco Incerti, in Earth Times

    CEPS Fellow Marco Incerti was interviewed on the Treaty of Lisbon by German news agency DPA, for a piece that was taken up, among others, by UK news website Earth Times

  • EurActiv.com

    The joint study carried out by CEPS, the EPC and the Egmont Institute on the main features and sticking points of the Lisbon Treaty was reviewed by EU affairs portal EurActiv.com

  • Daniel Gros, in The Wall Street Journal

    an op-ed by CEPS Director Daniel Gros comparing the economic performance of France and Germany published in the Wall Street Journal

  • Michael Emerson, in the Malaysia Star

    CEPS Senior Fellow Michael Emerson interviewed by Reuters news agency on the outcome of the Russian elections, in an article that was taken up, among others, by the Malaysia Star newspaper

  • Daniel Gros, in Financial Times

    By Daniel Gros The global economy has been hit by two shocks: the subprime lending crisis and high oil prices. The latter have faded into the background as ...

  • EurActiv - Brussels,

    D'après un article de Samir Amghar, Amel Boubekeur et Michael Emerson pour le Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), le moment est venu d'adopter une ...

  • Andrea Renda, in The New York Times

    CEPS Senior Fellow Andrea Renda quoted in the International Herald Tribune, in an article looking at the internal market review published by the European Commission. 

  • Die Presse

    ... (Ecofin) mitzubestimmen, sei dann aber nicht mehr möglich, warnt Sebastian Kurpas, Experte im Think-Tank „Centre for European Policy Studies" (CEPS). ...

  • Marco Incerti, in Ritzau

    CEPS Fellow Marco Incerti was interviewed by Danish news agency Ritzau on the outcome of the Danish elections, and the impact of early exit polls on the final outcome of votes. 

  • Daniel Gros, in IlSole24Ore

    A comment piece by CEPS Director Daniel Gros on the relations between Italy’s commercial openness and the country’s competitiveness was published by Italian financial daily IlSole24Ore 

  • Bloomberg

    CEPS Fellow Florian Geyer interviewed on the enlargement of the Schengen area of free movement by financial news site Bloomberg.com

  • Daniel Gros, in EurActiv.com

    The Reform Treaty: two treaties for the price of one? EurActiv - Brussels,Belgium The EU's Reform Treaty has actually produced two treaties: "a treaty on the EU, which contains most of the institutional provisions, and a second treaty on the functioning of the Union", write Daniel Gros and Stefano Micossi of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).