CEPS in the news

  • Die Presse

    CEPS Fellow Florian Geyer was interview for Austrian Radio ORF1 on border controls and the data protection issues arising from the Commission’s new plans was taken up by Austrian Daily Die Presse 

  • EUObserver

    The CEPS event on Kosovo’s secession was covered by EUObserver

  • Daniel Gros, in New York Sun

    A commentary by CEPS Director Daniel Gros comparing housing markets’ dynamics in the EU and the US was published in the New York Sun 

  • CEPS Senior Fellow Michael Emerson was interviewed by Kuwait’s News Agency KUNA on the main findings and policy recommendations of the recent CEPS study on “Political Islam and European Foreign Policy”

  • EUObserver

    CEPS Associate Fellow Fabrizio Tassinari published a piece on the launch of the EU’s Black Sea policy in t

  • European Voice

    CEPS Fellow Florian Geyer was quoted by the European Voice, in an article looking at the implications of the imminent entry into force of the extradition treaties between the EU and the US

  • Times Colonist

    CEPS’ Christopher Napoli was quoted in the Times Colonist, for an article looking at the trade relations between the EU and Canada

  • Daniel Gros, in The New York Times

    Gros was also quoted in the International Herald Tribune, in an article looking at the French politicians’ attempts to prevent foreign takeover bids on Société Générale following its major trade losses 

  • Karel Lannoo, in Wall Street Journal Europe

    A commentary by CEPS CEO Karel Lannoo on the need for clear and understandable benchmarks for banks was published in the Wall Street Journal Europe

  • Marco Incerti, in New Zealand Herald

    CEPS Fellow Marco Incerti was interviewed by the New Zealand Herald, for an article looking at the potential candidates for the new post of President of the European Council

  • Michael Emerson, in Deutsche Presse Agentur

    CEPS Senior Fellow Michael Emerson was quoted by German press agency DPA in an article on the risks related to Kosovo’s imminent declaration of independence from Serbia. 

  • Daniel Gros, in Corriere della Sera

    CEPS Director Daniel Gros was interviewed by Italian daily Corriere della Sera on the impact that the US recession is likely to have on the Italian economy 

  • Karel Lannoo, in Bloomberg

    CEPS Chief Executive Karel Lannoo was quoted by Bloomberg news agency in an article looking at the implications of the Société Générale affair 

  • EUobserver.com

    The launch event of the CEPS paperback on “Political Islam and European foreign policy” was covered by online portal EUObserver.com  
  • Arno Behrens, in Die Presse

    CEPS Fellow Arno Behrens was interviewed by Austrian daily Die Presse for an article looking at the influence of industry lobbyist on important Commission’s decisions such as the energy package 

  • Daniel Gros, in Deutschlandfunk

    Gros was also interviewed by German radio Deutschlandfunk on the interaction between EU structural funds, industrial policy and delocalization, in the wake of the announcement of the closure of a Nokia plant in Bochum 

  • Le Figaro

    The lunchtime meeting that CEPS organised with EU Commissioner for Taxation Lászlo Kóvács was covered by Agence France Presse, in an article that was reproduced in French daily Le Figaro 

  • CEPS Fellow Piotr Kaczynski was quoted by Austrian daily Die Presse, in an article looking at the challenges for Slovenia as the first new and small member state to hold the EU presidency 

  • Christian Egenhofer, in EurActiv.com

    The commentary by CEPS Senior Fellow Christian Egenhofer on the new International Climate Change Agenda after the Bali conference was reviewed by EU affairs portal EurActiv.com

  • Die Presse also quoted Kaczynski in another article looking ahead at the French Presidency, and the role that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has come to play on the European scene