CEPS in the news

  • Christian Egenhofer, in Reuters

    CEPS Senior Fellow Christian Egenhofer was interviewed by Reuters news agency, for an article pointing out that higher power bills in new European member states are necessary to spur investments in new energy infrastructures 

  • Daniel Gros, in The New York Times

    CEPS Director Daniel Gros was interviewed by the New York Times, for an article on the 10 years of the Euro, and the challenges that lie ahead for the common currency

  • Michael Emerson, in Bloomberg News Agency

    CEPS Senior Fellow Michael Emerson also commented for Bloomberg News Agency on the meeting in Paris between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 

  • NRC Handelsblad

    The Georgian Foreign Minister Eka Tkeshelashvili was interviewed by Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad on the occasion of her recent speech at CEPS 

  • EurActiv.com

    CEPS Associate Fellow Senem Aydin commented for EU affairs portal EurActiv.com on the results of a Eurobarometer poll surveying the attitude of Turkish citizens towards accession to the EU

  • Michael Emerson, in Voice of America

    CEPS Fellow Michael Emerson was interviewed by the Voice of America on the start of the negotiations for a new partnership agreement between the EU and Russia 

  • Marco Incerti, in La Croix

    CEPS Fellow Marco Incerti was interviewed by French daily La Croix on the implications for the EU political balances of the appointment of Silvio Berlusconi as Italian Prime Minister

  • EurActiv.com

    The recent CEPS report on Sectoral Approaches to climate change was reviewed by EU affairs portal EurActiv.com 

  • Marco Incerti, in Berlingske Tidende

    CEPS Fellow Marco Incerti was quoted by Danish daily Berlingske Tidende, in an article looking at whether the anti-immigration and anti-islamic stances of some of his coalition partners will affect Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen’s chances in the race to become President of the EU Council 

  • Michael Emerson, in EurActiv.com

    EurActiv covered the recent Policy Brief on EU-Russia relations by CEPS Senior Fellow Michael Emerson

  • EurActiv.com

    CEPS Fellow Sebastian Kurpas was interviewed by EU affairs portal EurActiv.com on the issues likely to dominate the 2009 European elections

  • Daniel Gros, in The Guardian

    CEPS Director Daniel Gros was interviewed by British daily The Guardian, for an article looking at the worsening living standards and economic situation of the European middle classes 

  • Michael Emerson, in Neue Zürcher Zeitung

    CEPS Senior Fellow Michael Emerson was interviewed by Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung on the role played by the EU in the Serbian general election, and its implications for the country’s path towards accession

  • EUObserver

    Online portal EUObserver interviewed CEPS fellow Gergana Noutcheva on the role the EU has played in the Serbian electoral campaign 

  • Daniel Gros, in San Francisco Chronicle

    CEPS Director Daniel Gros was quoted by an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle which, drawing the lesson from the credit crunch, calls for an improvement in global financial markets’ regulations 

  • Arno Behrens, in Dow Jones

    CEPS Fellow Arno Behrens was quoted by Dow Jones news agency, in a piece on unbundling in the electricity sector 

  • Daniel Gros, in El Mundo

    To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of CEPS a long interview with Daniel Gros on Europe, its economy and its prospect for the future was published in Spanish daily El Mundo 

  • Daniel Gros, in Financial Times Deutschland

    CEPS Director Daniel Gros was interviewed by the Financial Times Deutschland for an article looking at Germany’s economic performance and the country’s apparent resilience to the ongoing financial crisis

  • Daniel Gros, in The New York Times

    With the 10th anniversary of the Euro fast approaching the New York Times interviewed CEPS Director Daniel Gros, one of the world’s leading authorities on EU monetary policy, to assess the prospects for the future 

  • Jorge Núñez Ferrer, in EurActiv.com

    An interview of CEPS Fellow Jorge Núñez Ferrer commenting on the proposal by French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier that Africa and Latin America Agricultural Policies was taken up by EU Affairs portal EurActiv.com