CEPS in the news

  • Daniel Gros, in San Francisco Chronicle

    CEPS Director Daniel Gros was quoted by an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle which, drawing the lesson from the credit crunch, calls for an improvement in global financial markets’ regulations 

  • Arno Behrens, in Dow Jones

    CEPS Fellow Arno Behrens was quoted by Dow Jones news agency, in a piece on unbundling in the electricity sector 

  • Daniel Gros, in El Mundo

    To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of CEPS a long interview with Daniel Gros on Europe, its economy and its prospect for the future was published in Spanish daily El Mundo 

  • Daniel Gros, in The New York Times

    With the 10th anniversary of the Euro fast approaching the New York Times interviewed CEPS Director Daniel Gros, one of the world’s leading authorities on EU monetary policy, to assess the prospects for the future 

  • Daniel Gros, in Financial Times Deutschland

    CEPS Director Daniel Gros was interviewed by the Financial Times Deutschland for an article looking at Germany’s economic performance and the country’s apparent resilience to the ongoing financial crisis

  • Michael Emerson, in Earth Times

    CEPS Senior Fellow Michael Emerson was interviewed by German news agency DPA on the decision by EU Foreign Ministers to sign a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Serbia, the article was taken up, among others, by newsportal Earth Times 

  • Jorge Núñez Ferrer, in EurActiv.com

    An interview of CEPS Fellow Jorge Núñez Ferrer commenting on the proposal by French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier that Africa and Latin America Agricultural Policies was taken up by EU Affairs portal EurActiv.com

  • CEPS Fellow Jorge Núñez Ferrer was interviewed by financial magazine Forbes on the proposal by French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier that Africa and Latin America should adopt their own versions of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy 

  • European Voice

    CEPS Fellow Rym Ayadi was quoted by the European Voice, in an article looking at the regulatory response to the financial market crisis, and the recently-released proposals of the Financial Stability Forum 

  • EurActiv.com

    EurActiv’s German version interviewed CEPS Fellow Sebastian Kurpas for an article looking ahead at the issues and challenges for the European elections of next year 

  • Marco Incerti, in Politiken

    CEPS Fellow Marco Incerti was quoted by Danish news agency Ritzau, in a piece evaluating the impact of the ratification by Denmark of the Treaty of Lisbon on the forthcoming Irish referendum. The article was reproduced, among others, in Danish daily Politiken

  • CEPS Fellow Piotr Kaczynski was quoted by French daily La Croix, for an article assessing the performance of French President Nicholas Sarkozy on the European stage 

  • Daniel Gros, in EurActiv.com

    The Policy Brief by CEPS Director Daniel Gros on the reform of the EU Budget was reviewed by EU affairs portal EurActiv.com

  • Publi-news

    The European Commission conference organised to launch the CEPS report on the social impact of globalisation was covered by French financial portal Publi-news 

  • Bloomberg News Agency

    Bloomberg News Agency covered CEPS membership meeting with George Soros on the current financial market crisis

  • La7

    The CEPS membership meeting with George Soros was covered by several media including Italian TV station La7 

  • Piotr Maciej Kaczyński, in Voice of America

    CEPS Fellow Piotr Kaczynski commented for the Voice of America on the proposal by Development Commissioner Luis Michel to normalise diplomatic relations with Cuba 

  • Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger

    CEPS membership meeting "The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means", with George Soros, was covered by Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger

  • De Tijd

    Belgian daily De Tijd covered CEPS membership meeting with George Soros on the credit crisis of the financial markets. 

  • STA - Slovenska tiskovna agencija / Slovenian Press Agency

    The Slovenian News Agency STA covered the conference on the impact of globalisation on social Europe organized by the European Commission in cooperation with CEPS