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Thursday, 11 March 2010
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Following the 2008 edition, dedicated to the French, Czech and Hungarian Trio Presidency, 14 European think tanks have joined together once again to address their recommendations to the current Trio, of Spain, Belgium and Hungary.
With the establishment of the permanent European Council presidency and the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy the role of rotating presidencies has changed and thus that of the Trio Presidency, detailed in the Treaty of Lisbon.
Is the rotating presidency still important? In this new edition of Think Global – Act European (TGAE), experts from the 14 think tanks answer this question by scrutinising the 18-month programme of the current Trio Presidency. For each issue (structural reform, economic governance, energy, climate change, migration, internal security, world governance, foreign policy, defence policy, EU institutions, the EU political space and budget), the authors look at the changing global context and today's challenges in order to make concrete recommendations to the Trio. In the sensitive context of the Lisbon Treaty implementation and complex management of the economic crisis, specific attention is given to the decisive coordination role that can be played by the Trio Presidency in shaping more integrated – and therefore more efficient - European strategies.
The report includes a list of 15 key recommendations. It is available in English for free on the website: